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Songs of Earth and Light

Songs of Earth and Light
Barbara Korun poems translated by Theo Dorgan



Done Dating DJs
Done Dating DJs
by Jennifer Minniti-Shippey
Winner, 2008 Fool for Poetry Competition




Richesses: Francophone Songwriter Poets
Edited and translated by Aidan Hayes





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John Liddy in Southword Journal

Born Youghal, Co Cork (1954), grew up in Limerick, took a degree in the University of Wales, works as a teacher in Madrid. His poetry books include: Boundaries (1974); The Angling Cot (1991); Song of the Empty Cage (1997); Wine and Hope (1999); Cast-A-Net (2003); The Well: New and Selected Poems (2007); Gleanings from the Margins (2010). His translations include: La Barca de la Arena (2010), a translation by Francisco Rivero in Spanish of The Angling Cot; Ivy Down (2010), a translation by John Liddy in English of Tosigo Ardento by José Maria Álvarez. In 2011 Cuentos Cortos en Inglés, a collection of stories for children in English and Spanish, was published. He is the founding editor along with Jim Burke of The Stony Thursday Book, one of Ireland’s longest running literary reviews along with Cyphers and organizes The Well/El Manantial, a weekend festival of poetry in Madrid with Matthew Loughney of The James Joyce Pub and The Embassy of Ireland.






Shooting Snipe on Parnell Street

Strike in the Musée d'Orsay




Shooting Snipe on Parnell Street


From the house on Janesboro height

My father recalled hearing hunters shooting

For snipe in fields around Parnell Street.


He could see the river beyond through gaps

In the city landscape and noted several

Species of fowl nesting in the creeks.


I used to think about this walking south

Passed the new estates and one night

I saw a fox with a field bird in its mouth


Crossing the street between honking cars

And shouts from late night revelers

Before disappearing off one of the lanes


Where I could make out a hunter’s shadow

Skulking in pursuit to retrieve his prey,

Crossing what was once a flowing meadow.










Strike in Musée d'Orsay



Despite the strike we were allowed in

Free to view parts of the collection.

I chanced upon Cezanne’s meditation

The Cardplayer, silent and deep

In concentration, seated at a table,

A simple man with no expectation.


Suddenly my view was invaded

By a camera-snapping tourist

Who ignored polite requests to move

Aside as he focused on the painting,

The red dot of the laser beam

Violating every detail.


Shock turned to surprise

When the man put down his cards,

Brushed his jacket, stood up,

Gave the tourist a withering look

Before leaving the frame to join

His carers on the line.


A deafening crash exposed

The film to miraculous light.

The tourist was left with nothing

Worth boasting to his friends about.

Outside, I left the entrance fee

With a man looking at cards, fixedly.



©2012 John Liddy




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