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Book Launch: Bonnie Quinn Cotter's Woman with Altitude

Hosted by Tigh Fili/ Bradshaw Books


Bonnie Cotter's Women with Altitude


Saturday, 19 February 2011, 5.30PM

Beckett Room, Metropole Hotel


“To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Bradshaw Books, we are reprinting first collection of poetry we ever published. This critically acclaimed collection by Bonnie Quinn Cotter, published posthumously, is a testament to her unique skill as a poet. As Tess Gallagher says, “The great pity is that this is the only book we’ll have from her”.

“Private moments are turned out into light here, and mined for their quiet joys. Hidden wounds are patiently disclosed and examined, but over and over a over again we learn that what wounds us, bravely faced down, is also what heals us. The poet’s heart finds redemption in memory, in the stoic human gestures and silences that make us whole again” Theo Dorgan

“These disturbing yet haunting poems about wifehood, motherhood, sisterhood, widowhood, the greater hunger of love, oscillate between the contrasting colours of once and now. At once plain and artistically aware, their sharp endings and visual detail build up through understated emotion to the passionate intensity of a considerable assertive power” Medbh McGuckian

“I opened Women with Altitude at ‘Remission’, probably because this was a poem I did not write after my own breast cancer diagnosis. Like many of her poems, this one is a pitch pipe to staring down the inevitable (our mortality). Bonnie Quinn Cotter not only faced her disease full on, with all the uncertainties of that word ‘remission’ in her title, but she wrested an uneasy truce from it. Her wry sense of humour and clear, straight-as-an-arrow way of entering her subjects open arresting ambiguities. Cotter’s voice is compelling and full of natural wisdom. The great pity is that this is the only book we’ll have from her” Tess Gallagher


Click here to buy the collection at Bradshaw Books.



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